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It’s hard to argue when people call Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari the water coaster capital of the world.

This weekend, the Santa Claus, Indiana theme park debuted another water coaster – Cheetah Chase. They’re calling this one the world’s first launched water coaster. You sit in a boat, and right when you leave the station, a water-powered system launches you up the first hill. I’m told the ride hits a top speed of 30 feet per second. If my math is correct, and please give me some grace with that, it comes out to about 20 miles per hour.

Cheetah Chase has two sides – and each one launches a boat at the same time. The ride is designed so you race against the other boat. At one point, you even cross paths. You can see the other boat zooming past you through a piece of netting.

The other thing about this ride? You get SOAKED. Other water coasters might splash you a bit. When you reach the top of Cheetah Chase’s first hill, it’s like somebody takes a garbage can full of water and dumps it on your head. After that you are flying through the rest of the ride, with even more drenching moments along the way.

Check out my full ride on both sides of the water coaster here:

You can find more information about the ride and the park on their website,

So what do you think? Would you ride Cheetah Chase? Have you been on Holiday World’s other water coasters, Mammoth and Wildebeest? I think this is a great compliment to those rides and is an excellent use of a small footprint of space.

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