HANNA, Ind. — A video went viral showing a crop dusting plane nearly hitting a semi-truck on U.S. 30 in Northwest Indiana on Tuesday.

At around 4 p.m., Clifton Howard, 26, of North Judson, was driving on U.S. 30 in Hanna, just east of Wanatah, when he noticed a crop dusting plane about one mile out.

Moments later, the plane soared directly in front of him and nearly struck the semi-truck next to Howard.

The incident didn’t seem to faze him.

“Afterwards I continued on my way,” he said. “I didn’t change my pants or anything like that (laughs).”

While crop dusting planes generally fly low, the FAA states pilots flying them must operate “with maximum safety to persons and property on the surface.”

Another man WGN News spoke with said the plane “nearly clipped me” at around the same time.

Several commenters on Howard’s post expressed dismay over the incident.