LAPORTE COUNTY, Ind. — The LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office took to Facebook Wednesday morning to warn parents about school restrooms after a body piercing operation was discovered in a high school.

The incident, which took place last week at an unnamed high school, was highlighted as the agency lamented restrooms being “the common denominator” in school “disruptions.”

“Over time, SRO’s have investigated fights, countless vaping incidents, and viral social media challenges that have all occurred in restrooms. Even though these disruptions are being caused by a very small percentage of the student population, they have a ripple effect throughout the school,” LaPorte County police wrote.

In the post, authorities said privacy reasons make it “incredibly difficult” for school resource officers and administrators to police restrooms.

The post stated, along with pictures of equipment, that an investigation revealed a student was performing body piercings inside a high school restroom. It’s unknown if they were cited or disciplined.