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LA PORTE, Ind. — A La Porte police officer has resigned three days after being caught with his pants down in public while allegedly having sex with a woman in a parking lot outside of a bar in Northwest Indiana.

Brandon Wilkerson, 35, of Trail Creek has been charged with misdemeanor public indecency and misdemeanor public intoxication.

According to the police report, a Trail Creek police officer was patrolling near Decoy’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill in Michigan City on Aug. 12 at around 6:16 a.m. when he spotted a black pickup truck near the entrace of the bar with its door open.

As the officer drew closer, he noticed a man — later identified as Wilkerson — naked from the waist down, blue jeans around his ankles, standing in the open door of the pickup truck engaged in what appeared to be sexual intercourse with a woman. The officer noted both the bar and a 24-hour laundromat were in close proximity to where the truck was parked and Wilkerson was visible.

The Trail Creek officer reported recognizing Wilkerson as a La Porte police officer and noted the smell of alcohol on Wilkerson’s breath. After cuffing Wilkerson and giving him a breathalyzer test, Wilkerson’s blood alcohol level was revealed to be nearly twice the legal limit at .155%.

After being transported to La Porte County Jail, Wilkerson informed his arresting officer that he had a .380 caliber handgun in his boot.

La Porte Police Chief Paul Brettin told WSBT that Wilkerson had been off-duty and driving his own personal vehicle at the time of his arrest.

Wilkerson had been with the La Porte Police Department since Sept. 2013 and in June had even been recognized and given the “Medal of Distinguished Service” for safely disarming a man who had walked outside with a loaded rifle and pointed the weapon at officers.

According to the Northwest Indiana Times, Wilkerson resigned from his position with the La Porte Police Department three days after his arrest.

The Northwest Indiana Times also reported that the woman whom Wilkerson is accused of having intercourse with in a public space was also charged with public indecency three days after Wilkerson’s arrest.

According to the police report, the Trail Creek officer didn’t arrest the woman on Aug. 12 because he did not see her expose herself as he had with Wilkerson.