EAST CHICAGO, Ind. — A couple in Northwest Indiana was elated to see their daughter flashing the “peace sign” in a recent ultrasound.

After having their first two children at St. Catherine Hospital in East Chicago, Kyle and Abby Weener, of Hammond, walked in Tuesday expecting a normal visit.

“The tech was looking around, watching things — and all of sudden these two fingers popped right up,” Kyle Weener said.

Immediately, the staff turned to the couple and everyone started laughing.

“The staff said they have never seen anything like this before,” Weener said. “‘This is something unique.'”

Weener reflected on his Christian faith after seeing the awesome ultrasound.

“It’s a great reminder that God is building this little being inside my wife,” he said.

Abby is at 31 weeks and the couple have decided to name their daughter Ellie.

Weener took to Facebook to share the photo with the caption, “31 weeks in and Ellie’s living her best life! Peace out!”