CHICAGO — The family of a woman murdered in 2019 is calling on authorities in Indiana to put her accused killer back in jail.

Drew Carter is accused of killing Jessica Flores back in 2019 and is scheduled to be in court Thursday. He was released early this year due to a law in Indiana that protects defendants while awaiting trial.

Carter was in jail but was released in January due to the Indiana Criminal Rule 4 law that prevents people from staying in jail more than six months before they get a trial.

The car Flores was last seen in was found burned in a Chicago Alley. Court documents obtained by the Tribune also found a large amount of blood in the back seat of the car.

Police believe Flores was killed in Gary, Indiana and they found her remains in a Gary park in 2020.

“We’re really disgusted by how the whole situation was handled,” Jennifer Flores, the sister of Jessica said.

Flores’ family will be at the Lake County Superior Courthouse Thursday morning to ask a judge to put Carter back in jail until he stands trial.