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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- A Facebook post by a Little Rock police officer is taking off on social media after a stranger made an unexpected delivery to multiple cops working during Monday night’s protests.

“I think people need to know they are taken care of and that someone loves them,” says Joe Cline.

You can say kindness is in Joe Cline’s DNA.

“I was just thinking, ‘Who was helping take care of them?” Cline says.

So Monday night, he stopped by a Little Rock donut shop and picked up a few for Little Rock police officers working the protests.

“I just went and bought some donuts down the street and walked and gave them to them,” says Cline.

Little did he know his simple gesture would gain a lot of attention on social media after detective Brittany van Rossum posted.

“I just kind of wanted to share the guy and what he had done,” van Rossum said.

It wasn’t about what was in the brown bag. It was about the message that came with it.

“We had been working a lot of long hours and no days off, and it was just really great to just have someone genuinely care and his smile just kind of warmed you. Just his smile, let alone the act,” van Rossum says.

Proving sometimes it’s the smallest actions can carry the loudest message, a message Cline encourages you to pass on.

“You don’t have to duplicate the way you see other people love,” Cline says. “Make up new ways.”