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The Coast Guard  turned into zombie hunters over the weekend.

High winds and waves on Lake Michigan caused Navy Pier’s Halloween barge to sink Friday, and the Coast Guard confirms that debris from the barge, including zombie mannequins, were pulled from the water.

Chief Petty Officer Alan Haraf tells WGN a boat crew from Station Wilmette Harbor came across one of the zombie mannequins from the sunken barge and removed it for two reasons: To return it to its owner and because it was considered a hazard to navigation.

After they pulled the zombie onto the boat, the crew did what they would normally do during their routine “man overboard” training drills that they do with a 120- pound mannequin, including CPR, which they did making light of this “rescue” situation. Photos of the “rescue” below are used with permission.

While the Coast Guard has pulled a lot of strange things out of Lake Michigan, Haraf said this zombie has to be one of the strangest.

In this first photo, a head pops up to the surface of Lake Michigan

Wait…is that a human head or a zombie head?

Finally pulled from the Lake Michigan waters, it’s clear: This is a zombie

A very scary zombie at that!

This zombie needs some serious dental work.

Doesn’t this guy know that you can’t revive a zombie?