Body of 4-year-old found after fire in abandoned building in Englewood

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CHICAGO — Chicago police detectives are interviewing three persons of interest after the body of a young child was found during a fire in an abandoned building in Englewood.

The persons of interest are two young males and a female and were caught running from the abandoned house.

At 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, Chicago firefighters were called to the 1400 block of West Marquette Rd for a basement fire. There they found the body of a small child.

The child had been identified as 4-year-old Manuel Aguilar.

The cause and manner of the child’s death are pending further studies, Cook County officials say.

Investigators believed the child had been dead for a while. There was an accelerant at the scene and when firefighters put out the small fire they found the baby wrapped in a blanket that was smoky but not on fire.

The neighborhood is filled with abandoned buildings that residents say is a big problem. They say the one with the fire has been empty for years. So has the one next to it.

The owner of the house tells WGN News he bought it two years ago and was gradually fixing it up so he could live in it.
The abandoned house next to it was just boarded up today.
As for the identity and cause of death of the child, the medical examiner says that information is pending further studies.


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