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CHICAGO – 37-year-old Norman McIntosh walked out of Statesville Correction Center Tuesday, his murder conviction vacated after he served almost 15 years behind bars.

He was able to return to his family’s home on Chicago’s West Side after his father hired attorney Jennifer Blagg back in 2010 and eventually got his 45-year murder conviction tossed.

“Norman’s case provided me a very unique opportunity to be able to almost allow the state to have no other conclusion except that he’s innocent,” Blagg said.

McIntosh was convicted in a 2001 gang-related shooting, but Blagg later found several problems with the case, claiming police rigged a lineup and pressured witnesses who later recanted.

“The recanting witness came forward, and his brother was who was killed and he was shot. So it says something if that’s the person who’s recanting,” Blagg said.

The judge in the case apologized to McIntosh’s family on the same day as his release, saying “an injustice has been corrected.”

McIntosh made his way home for a very special reunion. Noman’s father, Norman McIntosh, Sr. has terminal cancer, but he lived long enough to see his boy out of prison.

“I miss him so much. I’ve been on hospice and I wasn’t supposed to be here but I am,” said McIntosh, Sr.

“It’s a blessing he’s still here. He said he was going to be here. He was going to make sure he stayed around. He’s here,” McIntosh said.

He also got to see his son for the first time as a free man. He was born while McIntosh was behind bars.

“His mother was pregnant, but she didn’t know she was pregnant when I got arrested. So I’ve been gone the whole time,” McIntosh said.

One of the first lessons Norman is learning from his family: how to take selfies. He has a few things to catch up on.