NAPERVILLE, Ill. — The families of the two Naperville friends who died protecting others from the crowd surge at a Travis Scott concert in Houston, Texas, have filed wrongful death lawsuits. 

Jacob Jurinek and Franco Patino were best friends and graduates of Nequa Valley High School.     

Both men were among the 10 people who died at the Astroworld Festival when concertgoers rushed to the stage.    

The law firm of Corboy and Demetrio filed the claims Monday in Harris County, Texas. The suits allege negligence by Scott, promoter Live Nation, and several other groups involved in organizing the event.  

“We’ve got video of thousands of [people] screaming, ‘stop the show, stop the show,’ and he literally did nothing, and it’s going to be very hard for him to say he never heard this before because he has heard it before at other shows, and likewise he’s ignored it in the past, as he ignored it two weeks ago,” said attorney Philip Corboy.

Nearly 200 lawsuits have reportedly been filed as the result of the Astroworld Music Festival tragedy.