Wrong name on warrant leads to man’s wrongful arrest

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CHICAGO — A Chicago man was arrested by mistake and spent two nights in jail because of a warrant mix-up.

Cortez Rogers, 26, was stopped by police on the South Side Monday night. Police ran his name and found him wanted on a warrant.

Police arrested Rogers but Rogers didn’t know why.

“No one could give me any answers,” he said. “They had me in protective custody for investigation.”

The Cook County sheriff’s department kept Rogers out of the general population for his safety while they worked to determine what had happened.

Somehow, Rogers’ information wound up on papers out of Hobart, Ind., in connection with the serious crime of witness intimidation in a murder case.

Chicago police arrested the right guy, but the warrant was for the wrong Cortez Rogers.

Rogers has never been to Indiana and has no criminal record. He works as a security guard.

After it was determined that Rogers was innocent, the sheriff’s department gave Rogers a ride home Wednesday.

The Cortez Rogers police were looking for turned himself in with his attorney earlier Wednesday.


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