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CHICAGO — Changes may be coming to how restaurant workers are paid and it’s sparking protests over tips.

The Trump Administration’s proposal would take ownership of tips from servers and bartenders and give it to restaurant owners.  They can then do whatever they want with it – divide it up among the back of the house staff or even keep it for themselves.

Servers and bartenders say this new proposal would create abuses and take money out of their pockets.

A small group of vocal restaurant workers gathered in front of the Dept of Labor today to protest the new proposal.

In 2016, a lawsuit was filed against Trump’s New York restaurant after it was alleged the hotel illegally stiffed its catering staff out of tips by keeping a mandatory 22 percent service fee it added to customer’s bills.

The president of the Illinois Restaurant Association say the IRA supports the proposal.  They say it would make it more equitable for front and back of house staff.  The organization does not support managers or non-hourly staff sharing tips.