Woman who survived train crash speaks out

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It could have been fatal. An Amtrak train collided with Cathy Ggreasemeyer’s station wagon in Riverside Thursday. The 67-year old from Crete was carried from the wreck on a stretcher.

But today, the retired musician is home along with her shih Tzu, Tuxedo, who was in the car too.

Greasemeyer was driving southbound on Harlem, when she reached the train crossing at Burlington.

Seconds later, Greasemeyer was in a precarious position. The heavy traffic was stopped in front and backed up behind her. She wasn’t on the tracks, but was too close for comfort.

Then she saw a train headed her way. Police say it was going 71 miles per hour when it clipped the front of her station wagon.

Before the collision, police say drivers behind Greasemeyer backed up and she was able to reverse just enough. Tuxedo hid safely on the floor. Both were taken to the hospital, both were ok.

The crash temporarily stopped Amtrak and Metra travel on the track. Greasemeyer says it will permanently change how she travels home.

Believe it or not, Greasemeyer says she had another close call at this same intersection about 10 years ago. This time in addition to an amazing story to tell, she received a citation for unlawful stopping at a grate crossing.

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