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CHICAGO – A woman who claimed she was sexually assaulted by an employee at Chicago’s Ritz-Carlton is suing the hotel.

The alleged victim, Christian Gousman said a relaxing day at the spa turned into her worst nightmare.

She said she wanted to speak out publicly to take a stand because she wants justice.

On Wednesday, she filed a lawsuit against the Ritz-Carlton of Chicago and a masseur who worked there.

On January 12, she went to the hotel’s spa for a massage. She said the masseur sexually assaulted her. Right afterward, she called 911.

Police confirm she reported that the 34-year-old man touched her inappropriately during a massage, but police said the man was released without charges because “The victim did not ask for the massage session to stop, and did not want to press felony charges.”

Gousman’s attorney, Michael Oppenheimer, calls that “absolutely insane.” He said police dropped the ball and that the Ritz-Carlton did not stand up to its obligations.

The attorney said after the alleged incident, the employee quit.

“I’m coming forward because I need to take a stand and I know there’s other women who’ve been through what I’ve been through and have not come forward,” Gousman said.

“Nobody should be sexually assaulted anywhere, especially in a place where you’re supposed to feel safe, supposed to feel relaxed where you entrust others in helping you to feel safe,” Oppenheimer said.

WGN’s efforts to reach the masseur were unsuccessful. WGN is not naming him because he has not been charged.

In a statement, the Ritz-Carlton said they are aware of the situation and have taken measures to address it. They said the safety and security of their guest and employees is always a top priority.

**Disclaimer: The alleged victim is a relative of a WGN employee.