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Charley Fowler (Porter County Sheriff’s Office)

VALPARAISO, Ind. — A 28-year-old woman is accused of dragging a nail salon employee with her car after walking out of a salon without paying because she was unhappy with her nails, according to The Times of Northwest Indiana.

Charley Fowler was at the Diamond Nails & Spa on the 2500 block of LaPorte Avenue in Valparaiso around noon on Saturday when the incident occurred.

Employees at the salon said Fowler was unhappy with the work done on her nails and refused an offer to fix them, according to police. As an employee called authorities, Fowler left the salon without paying about $30 for the nail service and began backing out in her BMW.

According to NWI Times, the woman told police she was planning on waiting in her car for authorities to arrive when employees began beating on her window. She said she drove slowly to the front of a nearby restaurant.

Police said surveillance video shows Fowler backing out before the employees reached the car. Police said a male employee who went out to the car was dragged by Fowler across the parking lot.

Fowler’s preliminary charges were misdemeanor theft and criminal recklessness, according to NWI Times. The Porter County Sheriff’s website said Fowler faces a felony criminal recklessness charge.

Her attorney spoke to NWI Times and said she should be in civil, rather than criminal court. Attorney Bob Harper said it’s not a crime in Indiana to have a dispute over services. The attorney said she has been “dealt with very unfairly.”

NWI Times said Fowler works as a mental health therapist.