Woman testifies against ex-tanning salon owner who she says sexually assaulted her

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CHICAGO — An ex-employee of a former tanning salon owner accused of raping several women testified against him on Monday.

Marc Winner, 47, is accused of being a serial rapist suspected of raping at least nine women in over several year time period.

On Monday, he faced the woman who accused him of raping her back in July 2009.

The woman who is only identified by the initials J.B. said Winner unexpectedly met up with her on a night when she had been out drinking with friends.

They first went to his West Loop tanning salon, Soleil, where she worked for him two years earlier and then going to his nearby apartment.

J.B. said he gave her cocaine and then soon after got physical.

“I feared he was going to rape me. So Immediately I was like no, no we’re not,” she said.

“He pushed me back onto his bed with his legs and I continually try to get up. He shoves me down. I get up, he shoves me down. He told me to shut up and stop crying,” J.B. said in court.

Winner’s attorneys asked J.B. why she didn’t run away when the two were in public.

Her response was she felt she just couldn’t.

His attorneys said that he thought the sex was consensual and that he simply misunderstood his accuser.

Winner is accused of raping the nine women over 17 years.

In this case he is charged with one rape.

Court resumes on Tuesday.

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