Baby born in car near fatal accident in Cicero

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A woman gave birth to a baby boy while stuck in a traffic jam caused by a deadly car crash Wednesday.

The horrific crash near Roosevelt and Laramie in Cicero claimed the life of one woman and sent two others to the hospital.  As emergency crews worked in the frigid air, little did they know that just around the corner at a gas station, Hector Morales needed their help, too.

babyThe 32-year-old Cicero man was driving his fiance to the hospital. A delivery was imminent.

Hector was already on the phone with a 911 dispatcher who was directing the expectant couple to the scene of the fatal crash. He knew people there could take over.

Emergency crews remained outside the car in the 10 degree weather, mostly for moral support as Hector and fiancé took over.

Aidan came into the world at 7.9 pounds, 21 inches long, and mother and son are both doing well.

Mother Katie, a chiropractor, kept a level head, her husband-to-be claims.  And so did he, said emergency crews.


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