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CHICAGO — A woman is accusing the Chicago Police Department of wrongly towing her car.

Miriam Cambray is distraught and angry with no way to get to work.

She said she can prove CPD towed her car by mistake from the 4400 block of North Lawndale Avenue.

According to Cambray, police said the temporary plates did not match her vehicle.

But she said the officer had mistakenly typed in the wrong plate number.

Cambray just bought the used, tan Jeep earlier this week but now it’s in the city auto pound on Sacramento Avenue.

Cambray said she was told she has to pay $1,170 to get her car back.

Cambray is a single mom with three kids and doesn’t have the money.

“I want my car back,” she said. “This is my only way of getting to work, getting my kids to school. I need my vehicle.”

She went to the 17th Police District and said a sergeant apologized for the mistake but told her she would have to pay the fee upfront and file a claim with the city to get reimbursed.

WGN News reached out to Chicago police and to the city’s Department of Revenue but have not received a comment.