Woman receives terrifying phone call demanding money, finds out it’s a scam


DARIEN, Ill. — A Darien woman received a terrifying phone call on her cellphone claiming her loved one would be harmed, unless she paid money to the caller.

Janina Dionisio’s daughter got a phone call earlier this week from a man who said her mother would be hurt unless she sent money. Dionisio said you could hear a woman crying in the background. Her daughter got her boyfriend to call Dionisio to make sure she was OK. The next day, Dionisio got a phone call and realized it was the same man.

“I told him, ‘I know it’s a scam. You’re a scumbag. You don’t have a soul,’ and he hung up on me,’ Dionisio said.

The authorities were alerted and Dionisio called her cell phone company who told her spoofing is easy to do. 

She wants others to know what’s happening so they don’t get scammed out of their money.

“With people living apart now, family members living in other cities or states, you get a phone call thinking it’s your lived one, you’re caught off guard,” she said.

Dionisio said her family now has a plan to use a safe word if ever something like this comes up again.


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