Woman pickpocketed at popular River North restaurant

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CHICAGO — A local woman has a warning tonight: keep an eye on your purse, wallet and other valuables. No matter where you happen to be.

An all-too-common crime resurfaced last night at a popular River North restaurant.

It was caught on video.

The victim was still at dinner when she started getting alerts from her bank that someone was using her credit cards, racking up thousands in charges.

Now, people are going to be wondering where it happened. The restaurant was Piccolo Sogno Due in River North. But the point is it can happen anywhere.

The woman says the crooks got it all. Her entire wallet, drivers license, all her credits cards and cash.

She says the restaurant has been extremely helpful, and so have police. The video’s pretty grainy, but she thinks the thieves would be easy for other restaurant patrons to identify.


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