Uptown woman, pet dog recovering after vicious pitbull attack: ‘Completely scared to death’


CHICAGO — An Uptown woman and her dog are recovering after being brutally attacked by another dog Sunday morning.

The assault happened at the North Side-area Lawrence Building on the back patio of the very dog-friendly community in Uptown. The dog owner tells WGN that she has a warning for others. 

“There was a point where I thought that I wasn’t going to be able to save him,” said Jessica Musgrave.

Ten years ago, she rescued her dog ‘Jake’ from PAWS Chicago. 

“I love animals so much,” she said.

This weekend, Musgrave says her dog could barely walk. 

“Completely scared to death,” the injured woman said.

On Sunday morning, Musgrave said a pit bull attacked him on the back patio of the Lawrence building in Uptown. According to a GoFundMe made by Musgrave, they were “viciously attacked” by a 130-pound pit bull.

Warning: The following post contains graphic images that may be disturbing to some.

“I dove in with both hands,” she said. “I knew the risks but I didn’t care. It was my baby. I had to go in and save him.”

Musgrave says she suffered bites on her hands, a broken finger and a sprained wrist. 

“It was a struggle to get the dog off,” she said.

The music teacher says she is now out of work, as she is unable to teach guitar and piano lessons this summer due to her hand injuries. But it was Jake she was most worried about. 

“I’m very lucky Jake’s alive,” Musgrave said.

According to Musgrave, ‘Jake the Dog’ feels much better after being rushed to a medical veterinarian for emergency surgery. But she adds that she is now worried for other dog owners.

“I love where I live. The Flats is a great community. I have incredible friends here that stepped in and helped me so much,” she said. “But on the other hand, on the lease, it is a violation on the lease to have any lineage of the pitbull and a variety of other animals in the building.”

Musgrave says she has filed a complaint with Chicago Animal Care and Control and plans to file a lawsuit against the pit bull’s owner.

Anyone interested in contributing to Musgrave and her dog’s medical expenses may click here.

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