Woman claims she was sexually assaulted by monkeys; tries to file police report


Generic Barbary macaque image from Thinkstock.

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GIBRALTAR — A British woman is claiming she was sexually assaulted by monkeys while on vacation in Gibraltar.

According to the Daily Mail, Melissa Hart, 23, from Macclesfield, England, said she was attacked after going to see the island’s Barbary macaques while wearing a bikini. 

She said she approached the monkeys, who then began pulling at her hair and clothes, the Daily Mail reports.

Hart claimed one of the animals pulled her bikini top completely off and the monkeys began pawing at her “most intimate areas,” according to the Olive Press. She alleged bystanders stood by laughing instead of rushing to help her.

Hart said a warden later came to her aid after hearing her screams.

She then reportedly went to the police station to file a report, only to be told wild animals “cannot be held criminally responsible.”


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