Woman claims FedEx misplaced her snake, Facebook helps her find it


**Embargo: Oklahoma City, OK** A rare python is home after a Norman, Oklahoma says FedEx lost her snake. The snake was shipped via FedEx and was supposed to be delivered Friday, Dec. 12, 2014 but didn’t arrive until days later.

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Norman, OK (KFOR) -- A rare python barely makes it home for the holidays after a Norman woman says FedEx lost her snake.

Henry the Angolan python is like many of us during the holidays.

Last week, he was looking for that special someone to help him ring in the New Year.

"I had a male, so I was looking for a female so I could breed them," said Lesley Marshall, Henry's owner.

Lesley found a female snake named Jenks online and purchased her.

The snake was shipped via FedEx and was supposed to be delivered last Friday.

"Friday rolls around, no snake. I call FedEx and they tell me they don't know where she is, that she's missing," said Marshall.

Hours later, she says she received a call that her snake had been located.

She was told the rare python would be shipped via a FedEx plane and be on her doorstep the next morning.

"But when Saturday comes around, she's still not here," said Marshall.

Jenks was originally shipped with a heating pad, but this cold-blooded reptile was quickly running out of heat and time.

"At that point, her heat pack had run out; she was getting cold," said Marshall. "They said she was in a crate, they were trying to find it and they would call us back as soon as possible, but no phone calls."

So Lesley and her mom turned to social media.

In a matter of hours, someone heard their cry.

"I've never met her, but she contacted someone that she knew who works with FedEx," said Marshall. "She pulled some strings, about an hour later, I got a phone call."

When the snake was finally recovered, Jenks emerged from her box cold, but alive.

Now, Lesley is fed-up with FedEx.

"Maybe just care a little bit more, don't ruin someone's Christmas," said Marshall. "Don't take the life of an animal if you can help it."

"Don't go by the rules sometimes," said Marshall. "If you have a heart, it's a living, breathing animal."

Lesley says she is forever grateful to the nameless employee that united her with her newest family member.

A FedEx employee told KFOR they would have to do more investigating before commenting on the story, but that their mission is for all packages to arrive at their destinations on time.

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