Woman attacked following home invasion in Little Village

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CHICAGO-- A mother is left bruised and battered, following a home invasion and attempted sexual assault in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood.

Police are now warning residents to keep their guard up, since the attacker is still on the loose.

The incident occurred early Thursday morning at an apartment on 25th and Sacramento.

A mother of three small children— hears strange noises coming from another room.

She’s in the process of feeding her infant child.

Commander Eugene Roy, Chicago Police department said “she heard noises in her kitchen. She thought that it was her other young children. She went to investigate at that time she found an intruder in her home.”

The mother is met by a man-- police say—climbed into her apartment, through a window.

The intruder begins attacking the mother—pushing her back into her bedroom, where he tried to sexually assault her.

In survival mode, the woman acts fast.

Commander Eugene Roy said she “Picked up a cell phone that was nearby, dialed it and turned it face down so that the person she called could hear what was going on. She engaged in a physical struggle with the offender and was able to scare him off, at which time the other children came in to the room where the assault was occurring. They also started crying and that contributed to the offender leaving the residence.”

Hearing the scuffle on the other end of the call, friends of the woman dashed over to her building.

Once the intruder left, the woman also pled for neighbors’ help.

Anastacio Duarte, neighbor, said “The lady was knocking on the doors to neighbors, asking for help cause somebody broke in and tried to rape her.”

Police say the mother was left with a broken nose, and a number of bruises.

Those who live in this very building, are now worried about the loved ones in their lives.

“I feel like I don’t want to go to work tomorrow because it can happen tomorrow too. Real insecure.”

Monica Guerrero, neighbor, said “Now i know to have the doors locked. I have a daughter of my own and I want safety you know.”

Police are still canvassing the neighborhood to see who else may have seen this intruder and if he may have been captured on surveillance camera.

There is a “boys and girls club” right across the street.


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