Woman allows thousands of bedbugs to bite her for 5 years

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia — A woman in Vancouver was bitten every week by more than 1,000 bedbugs for the last five years, according to KCPQ.

In fact, she actually allowed and welcomed the 180,000 bites all in the name of science.

Regine Gries and her husband are biologists at Simon Fraiser University in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Because Gries sacrificed her body, the couple can now understand how bedbugs communicate and can use it against them.

They discovered that bedbugs communicate by odor. A certain odor will make the parasite think twice about biting.

They also found five odors that could attract the bugs to a 'death trap.'

Contech Enterprises, a Victoria, British Columbia company, is developing what can be called the first affordable bait and trap for detecting and monitoring infestations.


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