With a ‘long, weird weekend’ behind him, Mitchell Trubisky moves on from the Bears’ opening loss


CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – SEPTEMBER 05: Mitchell Trubisky #10 of the Chicago Bears looks to pass during a game against the Green Bay Packers at Soldier Field on September 05, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

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LAKE FOREST – Frankly,  it was going to be impossible to fulfill the request, and even the quarterback knew it.

When asked about a 3rd-and-1 during the Bears’ season-opening loss against the Packers and decisions made on run-pass option plays, Mitchell Trubisky revealed something asked of him before his Wednesday news conference.

“Nah,” said Trubisky with a grin. “I was told not to talk about the last game,.”

But over the next 15 or so minutes, he would do so, perhaps avoiding specific details of the offense’s struggles in the 10-3 loss to Green Bay last Thursday that certainly rattled outside confidence in Trubisky. That probably didn’t matter so much to the quarterback, who has been a self-critical as anyone during his tenure as the Bears’ starter, and this weekend was even worse for that.

With a game on Thursday, Trubisky had three extra days to let the defeat sink in.

“It was a long, weird weekend after playing on Thursday and just sitting on that for a couple of days,” said Trubisky.  “Just got to think about it a lot and see what went wrong. But we’re positive around here, it’s a positive culture, we’re onto the next play and onto the next game, and it’s all about that.

“All the mistakes we made, they’re all fixable. So we’re gonna come in here and come in with solutions, with a positive work attitude and got to work and make sure that we’re bouncing around at practice today, fixing our mistakes, and moving onto the next game.”

It’s tough not to think about the previous one, considering the Trubisky-led offense gained just 254 totals yards and produced just one field goal drive. Matt Nagy has already taken some of the blame for not calling what he thought was his best game, and a weekend of self-reflection gave Trubisky an idea of what might have been going on Thursday night.

But it’s not something he was going to catch by watching a screen.

“It’s kinda hard to see on tape. It’s like the in-between stuff; overall focus, studying and being in our books too much at times, and everybody not being on the same page. I think we just need to tighten down, have everybody focus in a little more,” said Trubisky. “A little more sense of urgency in and out of the huddles, better communications on the sidelines and in the huddle so we have more time to operate at the line of scrimmage, and then just playing fast.

“Less thinking, more communicating and playing fast – and that’s really hard to see on the film. Its more like an in-between thing.”

He’ll have to get it figured out this week when he faces former defensive coordinator Vic Fangio and his Broncos in Denver Sunday. Remember, he got the chance to go up against Trubisky every day during the 2017 and 2018 season, so the quarterback will have even less margin for error this week.

Yet Fangio has his own issues to deal with after the Broncos were surprised a bit in a loss to the Raiders on Monday. It wasn’t the shock the Bears’ offense got on Thursday, but Trubisky did see a few positives that he along with the unit can build off for the future.

“I feel good about the way I threw it. Not all the decisions but the ball felt great coming out of my hands. I felt like I was seeing the defense well,” said Trubisky of the positives from the evening. “On a lot of those plays, it’s just really close. We had some really simple, simple things that went wrong. Some of it just flat-out bad luck, some of it bad communication, some of it…it’s a game of inches, we just missed by inches.

“You have a couple of plays early in the game that maybe went our way, maybe we’re looking at a whole different ball game. But that’s not how football is, that’s not how life is. But sometimes the ball doesn’t bounce your way, and you have to bounce back.”

Certainly, Trubisky’s had more than enough time to think of ways to do so.


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