PORTAGE COUNTY, Wis. — A group of Wisconsin sheriff deputies couldn’t believe their eyes when they received an animal control call earlier this week.

Sheriff Mike Lukas of the Portage County Sheriff’s Office noted the unusual call that came into dispatch.

“Dispatch gets a caller stating, ‘I have a bobcat in my car.’ You can only imagine what everyone was thinking at the time, so when they dispatched over the radio numerous deputies were curious.”

The bobcat was stuck inside the front grill of a residents car. Deputies had to call the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for some assistance.

Bodycam footage captured the moment that Conservation Warden Bryan Lockman was able to pull the bobcat out from the vehicle and safely into the bed of a pickup truck.

Sheriff Lukas stated that the bobcat was returned to the wild unharmed.

WFRV-TV contributed to this article.