LAKE GENEVA, Wis. —  The Lake Geneva Ice Castles has closed for the season after only three days of operation.

The Ice Castles team shared that the increasingly warm temperatures caused irreplaceable damage to the ice sculptures.

A media release stated:

This winter, we have experienced unprecedented weather challenges. Our crew in Wisconsin worked tirelessly this season and rebuilt the castle after it melted almost to the ground, only to watch it melt again just days after opening. Despite our best efforts, the weather this year is too warm to sustain operations.

Anyone with pre-purchased tickets to visit the castles have been emailed regarding the closure and will be issued refunds.

Ice Castles media team provided videos of how the castles looked prior to the impact of warm temperatures.

“We are hopeful Mother Nature will cooperate next season and that she’ll allow us to create a magical winter experience in Wisconsin.”

For more information on the closure visit their website at: Wisconsin – Ice Castles