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KENOSHA, Wis. (WISN) — A Wisconsin teenager may spend the rest of her life in prison for killing an alleged pedophile.

According to WISN, Chrystul Kizer, is charged with fatally shooting and setting Randall Volar on fire in his Kenosha home in June 2018. She is being held on $1 million bond.

Kizer alleges she killed Volar because he used her for sex trafficking. The teen said when she was 14, Randy Volar started paying her to have sex with him, then he made her have sex with other men.

When his behavior turned violent, and he tried to rape her at age 16, she shot him in the head and set his body on fire.

Supporters of Kizer said the homicide was self-defense.

“She had been trying to get out of whatever arrangement that they had, and he was threatening to kill her,” said Ben Turk, who supports Kizer.

In court last week, her attorney, a public defender, argued the murder falls under state law called “affirmative defense” which acquits sex trafficking victims of certain crimes.

But a judge disagreed, saying it only applies to prostitution or child trafficking cases.

From the start Kenosha County District Attorney Mike Gravely said he’s been pressured to drop all charges, but argues Volar’s murder was premeditated and said she bragged about it after on social media.

Volar’s house has since been torn down, but the district attorney said the day they found his body was the same day they were about to charge him with child sex crimes.

Kizer’s trial is set to start in March, but it could be delayed. If convicted, she faces life in prison. According to WISN, Kizer is appealing the judge’s latest defense ruling.