Wisconsin newlywed dies of sepsis after getting the flu

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WISCONSIN — A newlywed from Wisconsin died just days after getting the flu.

Katie McQuestion, 26, was a radiologist and got her flu shot as hospital policy.

She seemed to be in perfect health just a week before she died.  But she began feeling flu symptoms on December 29.

She was hospitalized on January 1, with a low temperature, high blood pressure and a high heart rate. She developed sepsis and died the next day.

McQuestion was just married in September. While in the hospital, she told her husband and mother she had never felt so sick before.

Hours later, the sepsis began to take over her body and her organs started to fail.

Now her mother is urging people to get the flu shot anyway.

Health officials echo that and encourage everyone to get the flu shot.  They also urge anyone who has flu-like symptoms to see a doctor immediately.


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