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A terror plot against the Willis Tower and Harpo Studios is thwarted.

The “Judicial Watch Blog” says Emad Karahkrah and Hector Huerta allegedly planned to bring trucks loaded with plastic, C-4 explosives to the buildings in 2009.

But, the FBI stopped them in Texas.

The men are now in custody for unrelated charges.

Karahkrah is in the Cook County Jail. He’s accused of making a bomb threat, and leading police on a high-speed chase with an ISIS flag on his car in September.

Huerta is an undocumented immigrant being held in Texas and faces sentencing for D.U.I.

The men apparently resented Oprah Winfrey’s power and fame, and were angry about the U.S. involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“In the (war on terror), the victories tend to be the things you don’t hear about very much because to reveal them would compromise sources of intelligence,” according to WGN Terrorism Analyst Tom Mockaitis. “The plot at the Willis Tower would not have accomplished much. But we found out in 1993 that you can blow up a building with explosives from below. Attacking Oprah’s studio, on the other hand, is not a target we protected or even thought about. That could have been a lot more serious.”

“What I’m intrigued by is the Hispanic man, who we would think is not a target,” said WGN Terrorism Analyst Tom Mockaitis. “I wonder if we’ll find out he’s really not so much a sympathizer, as some sort of facilitator or someone who was doing this for personal profit.”

Neither man faces federal conspiracy charges about the bomb plot.