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The widow of a man killed in a neighbors’ dispute last Spring was found not guilty today of battery charges against a police officer involved in the incident.

92-year-old Hazel Jones-Huff was wounded in the dispute in April in which her 86-year-old husband was shot and killed.

The Huffs neighbor was an off-duty police officer. He said he came home that day to find his wife arguing with the Hazel Jones-Huff next door, who was throwing rocks and dirt at the younger woman and hitting her with a broom.

Police say 86-year-old Joe Huff went into his house and came out with a gun. Police say he fired the gun wounding the officer’s wife. The officer then shot the Huff. Huff’s wife then attempted to pick up the shot gun and the officer, after warning her to step back, shot and wounded her as well.

Now Hazel Jones-Huff is preparing for legal action of her own against the city and the Chicago Police Dept.

A civil suit is expected to be filed against that couple, the city, the police department and Christ Hospital, which Huff’s family alleges gave her sub-standard care when she was brought in for treatment of gunshot wounds.

The lost her right arm and the vision in her right eye.