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CHICAGO, III.– One of the Cubs most popular fans says Wrigley Field has become “the not-so-friendly confines.”

He may not have a statue like Harry Caray, but he does have a bobble head – Ronnie Woo Woo Wickers,  now also has a beef at the ballpark.

For sixty years, Ronnie “Woo Woo” Wickers has been a fixture at the friendly confines.

“This has been my whole life. I never got married, never got a wedding ring – but this year, I got a cubs ring.”

Posing for pictures with fans at almost every game, he shows up in full uniform, and full throat – with his signature cheer.

“It’s just something that just came to me, I go, ‘Cubs, woo. Cubs, woo.’”

But on April 19, he says he was targeted by Cubs security and tossed from the bleachers.

“They said they have an order from their supervisor that each time i come to the ballgame they have to see my ticket.”

Wickers says he came in with a friend who had two $25 bleacher seats — electronic tickets – on his phone

“I came through these bleacher gates, I scanned, came in with a with a friend of mine. It was on a scan ticket, you know.”

Janet Tabit, friend of Ronnie Woo Woo’s said “I was called over and I wanted to know why, I said, ‘has Ronnie done anything?’”

Wicker’s friend says she was in the bleachers at the time.

“I feel that they single him out, and they discriminate against him and it’s almost to the point where they bully him. At this game he had a legitimate ticket.”

The Cubs say Wickers tried to sneak into the game, and that’s why they checked for his ticket.

“I did not try to sneak into the ballpark. I came in those gates like any other fan.”

When asked for the ticket, Wickers’ friend could not call it up on his smartphone, and the reportedly exchanged heated words with the Wrigley Field security staff. Both the fiend and wickers were escorted out.

“I just want to have a good time at the ballpark. Why don’t they leave me alone? I’m 75 years old.”

In a statement to WGN News, cubs spokesman Julian Green says: “he wasn’t kicked out.  If you don’t have a ticket that’s trespassing.  If you refuse to show a ticket when asked and then curse out our staff, then that’s a violation of our code of conduct  — and a direct invitation to exit the ballpark.”

“I want some answers. I f I have to go to the Supreme Court, I’m going to find out what the story is. You can lie to everybody, but you can’t lie to yourself. They can’t trade me, and they can’t fire me.”

Today, Ronnie Woo Woo’s blues became front page news – but he says he’s still a Cubs fan, and just wants an apology.

He says he has been back to the ballpark since the game he was asked to leave.