‘Who ya gonna call?’ Group of suburban moms hunt ghosts in their free time

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Do you believe in ghosts? Maybe you think your house is haunted? If you’re trying to get to the bottom of some potential afterlife, there is a group of suburban women who say they can help.

The Paranormal Moms Society, or PMS, are female ghost hunters with a sense of humor, but also take their investigations very seriously. The seven women all have kids, jobs and real lives, but when the afterlife gets in the way of someone’s real life, they move in, move them out, and use all sorts of gadgets and gizmos to call up the “spirits” haunting the home.

Founder Christie Chaidez said all of the woman have a love of hunting ghosts.

“The first thing we do is try to debunk what is going on. Is there another reason for what is happening?” she said.

They check meters, record images, create stakeouts and hope to capture something, anything, on video which is considered evidence of the afterlife or proof a spirit from beyond is operating in their midst.

Chaidez said the group can toss out maybe nine out of 10 cases by explaining away the once inexplicable. But every so often, places like the Maywood Home for Soldiers’ Widows delivers what they consider the real deal.

PMS helped Trina Wagner and her husband Neil who had what they believed, was an aggressive, ever-present spirit living in, under or around their Manhattan, Ill., home.

“We heard a noise and (our dog) Mugsy barked. I said, ‘It’s nothing.’ Behind my head, I heard someone say, ‘Woof,’” Trina said. “I started getting scratched, punched, slapped, had my hair pulled … pictures would fly off the walls.”

Wagner said TVs would turn on full blast in the middle of the night. Their crawl space door would open and close repeatedly on its own. Footsteps could be heard in the kitchen when no one else was home. It just didn’t add up. So she combed the internet and found the Paranormal Moms Society.

They ultimately helped Trina and her husband find an “angry old man” under their closet in a crawl space. A shaman and a medium were called in to get the hostile spirit out. After two years of living with the eternal unrest, the Wagners found peace at last.

“We haven’t had anything bad or aggressive since,” Wagner said.

She now cleanses the corners of her home with citrus oils and she burns sage sticks to keep positive energy flowing while keeping the negative energy out.

Ghost hunting is a hobby for the Paranormal Moms Society. They claim they have all had their own experiences with ghosts. As mothers, they like to work on cases that involve kids in some way — sometimes children are being haunted at night. In other cases, the ghosts themselves are children.

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