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CHICAGO — The Chicago-area is currently in the middle of an ugly streak of weather.

Wednesday will mark a full week with no official sunshine in Chicago, according to weather historian Frank Wachowski, who records sunshine data near Midway Airport on the city’s South Side.

While November through January are typically the cloudiest three months of the year, the current streak has been rather impressive. The last time we had a dreary streak this long was 22 years ago, January 2-8, 1998.

The month is slated to finish as one of our cloudiest on record.

The cloudiest Januarys since sunshine observations began in 1894 (percent of possible sunshine_

  1. 1998  – 20%
  2. 2017  – 23%
  3. 1914  – 25%
  4. 1996  – 26%
  5. 2020  – 27% * through 1/28
  6. 1953  – 27%