Wheaton student whose concerts were canceled brings the show online


Solos aren’t new to 16-year-old Wheaton Warrenville High School’s Katie Kostner. She has been singing numbers onstage with her show choir for years but when those end-of-the-year shows were axed, it struck a raw chord

“Once everything got cancelled everybody was pretty upset. I was upset. Everyone around me was upset,” she said. 

That’s when Kostner decided she would single handedly make the show go on.

She put on a costume, set up Facebook on her laptop and started singing. She sang “Grease,” the Carpenters, the Beatles and everything in between. She calls her live weekly uploads to YouTube and Facebook the “Quarantine Concerts.” 

“Music has a way of just bringing people together. It brings them so much joy,” she said.

By week two, she had garnered quite a following. Super fan, Holly Striska said she now sets her alarm on her phone so she won’t miss the weekly live concerts.

“For a half hour we get to sort of forget about the stuff going on and just focus on having fun and listening to wonderful music,” Striska said. 

Even without a stage and full cast, Kostner found she could still capture an audience.

“That makes me super happy,” Kostner said. 

And according to her music teacher, there’s no better way to change a tune than that.

“She has taken a not so great situation and absolutely made the best of it,” vocal director Chris Miller, said. 

If you want to catch Kostner’s latest quarantine concert, they are broadcast live every Thursday at 7 p.m. on Facebook


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