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WHEATON, Ill. – Police in the suburbs are warning residents after a man said he spotted a mountain lion in his backyard.

Matt Marron, a Wheaton resident, said he was working in his yard on Saturday when he saw the mountain lion.

“Just though, ‘Oh my gosh. How can that be a cat when it’s that big? And it’s in my backyard,’” he said.

Marro said his kids were next door playing in his neighbors’ backyard. He said he went over, got the kids and told the neighbors he spotted something.

“Let’s just go inside for a bit,” he said.

In 2009, Chicago police shot a cougar in the Roscoe Village neighborhood. Marron and his wife said they remember the scene, and know these types of things happen.

Wheaton police recovered a fur sample, and noted the tall grass at the back of their property is suspiciously matted-down.

“What I saw seemed big and it seemed like it was a feline,” he said. “I’m not saying it was a cougar, it was a mountain lion. It was big, it was a cat. It couldn’t have been a domesticated cat. It wasn’t a ‘kitty.’ I don’t know. I don’t have a lot of explanations for it.

There have been a couple of similar sightings in the area in the last few days, according to social media posts.

Anyone who sees the animal should stay away and call 911.