As WGN TV celebrates 75 years, we’re looking back with a series of stories on the history and the memories.

CHICAGO – Of all of the viewers of Channel 9 over the past 75 years, his perspective is the most interesting.

Like many, Eddie Olczyk grew up watching WGN-TV, viewing a variety of programs from children’s entertainment to live sports broadcasts. But he also had the chance to see his exploits in the game of hockey featured on newscasts and then have the chance to call in that sport which aired on the station.

Olczyk has had the full Channel 9 experience over his life, and he was more than willing to talk about it for WGN’s 75th anniversary.

The former Blackhawks player and color commentator talked with Chris Boden early in 2023 about a number of things when it comes to Channel 9. He discussed the shows that he watched as a kid growing up in the area, then his career in Chicago that started when his hometown team took him third overall in the 1984 NHL Draft.

Then came his time in the broadcast booth for 16 seasons that included a number of broadcasts on WGN-TV. Olczyk just left the team this past summer as he now contributes to Seattle Kraken broadcasts along with a few national telecasts as well.

But the talk with Chris was all about his time in Chicago as he shared fond memories of watching Channel 9 and then being a part of the station’s rich tradition of sports broadcasting for over a decade.

You can watch Eddie’s interview on GN Sports in the video above.