As WGN TV celebrates 75 years, we’re looking back with a series of stories on the history and the memories.

CHICAGO – For so many years, he was the face of Channel 9, and the voice that boomed into homes across Chicagoland and the country.

Jack Brickhouse did it all at WGN-TV, but it’s his work with the city’s sports teams that made him an icon and a Baseball Hall of Famer.

From his years of calling Cubs and White Sox games to his work on the radio with the Bears and even sportscasts on Channel 9, the announcer’s voice was a soundtrack to which generations of fans came to love.

When celebrating the 75 anniversary of WGN-TV, it’s impossible not to think about Brickhouse, and he hasn’t been forgotten during the early part of 2023.

In the latest tribute to the Ford C. Frick Award winner, WGN Radio’s Bob Sirott wrote and voiced a tribute to the Channel 9 legend for GN Sports on February 21.

You can watch that in the video above as we continue to celebrate the proud history of WGN Television.

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