As WGN TV celebrates 75 years, we’re looking back with a series of stories on the history and the memories.

This week, in our series WGN at 75, we’re looking back at some of the memorable who have shaped Channel 9 over the last 75 years. 

In the video above, you’ll see WGN executives, like Ward Quall who led WGN in the early years, and Jim Dowdle, the visionary Tribune Broadcasting executive who expanded WGN’s reach.

You’ll see the faces of news broadcasters like Spencer Allen, our first news director and a news anchor, and John Drury, who became a Chicago broadcasting mainstay, and you’ll see a parade of WGN news reporters. 

You’ll see the faces of sportscasters like Jack Brickhouse, Vince Lloyd, Harry Caray, Ken Harrelson, Wayne Larrivee, and even Bob Costas, who announced a single season of Bulls games on WGN. We’ll revisit musical program hosts and their celebrity guests like Johnny Cash on The Barn Dance.

Plus we’ll remember public affairs and talk show hosts like Bill Berry and Peter Nuno. 

Of course, we’ll revisit Channel 9’s incomparable roster of children’s programming personalities – including Frazier Thomas, Ray Rayner, and Bozo.

Photojournalist Kevin Doellman contributed to this piece