CHICAGO – There are thousands of people from Chicagoland who had the honor of seeing one of the greatest children’s television programs in American history live from the WGN studios.

There are only a select few, however, who were able to participate in the signature contest on the “Bozo’s Circus,” “The Bozo Show” or “The Bozo Super Sunday Show” through the years: The Grand Prize Game.

A number of people throughout the years had stories of how close they came to joining Bozo the Clown to throw the ball into the six buckets to win a host of prizes. For some kids, it was a painful near miss that they still talk about to this day.

As part of WGN-TV’s 75th anniversary celebration, we’re offering a few of these people the chance to live their dreams as adults and play the Grand Prize Game on WGN Morning News.

This week we had Kevin Sullivan of Chicago come to the studios on the North Side to finally get his shot to play the game – and did so with a special guest watching via Zoom.

You can watch this first edition of “Second Chance Grand Prize Game” from March 7th in the video above.

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