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CHICAGO -- Greg Barnhart, owner of Toasty Cheese Restaurant Group, showed us how to make the perfect breakfast sandwich and shared his tips for the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.
Toasty Cheese's Chef's Choice Breakfast Sandwich:
3 strips of Maple Leaver Farms Duck Bacon
6 oz. of Provolone, sliced
1/2 oz. of Spinach
1/2 oz. of Fresh Baby Arugula
2 oz. Sicilian Cherry Tomatoes
2 tbsp. Aioli (store bought)
2 slices of Panini Bread
2 tbsp. of Butter
2 tbsp. of Mayonnaise
2 Large Eggs
Top Tips For Making A Great Grilled Cheese
Pick Panini Bread: Panini bread has the best air-to-yeast ratio for a grilled cheese sandwich. Avoid using
slices that are too thick, as that makes it tough for the cheese to melt.
Coat with a Combo: To get that coveted crispiness on the outside of the sandwich, it’s crucial to coat the
bread with some kind of fat before cooking it. While some foodies swear by mayo and others insist
butter is best, Greg says a combo of both is ideal. “We use a blend of 60 percent butter and 40 percent mayonnaise,”
he says. “That combination allows for the bread to get perfectly golden brown.”
Let It Rest: After removing the sandwich from the heat source, Greg recommends letting it “rest”
one to two minutes before eating it.
When It Comes To Cheese, Pair Soft with Soft and Hard with Hard: Don’t be afraid to mix cheeses -– some
of the best tasting sandwiches are made with a mixture of multiple cheeses that complement each
other.  And remember to pair soft cheeses with soft cheeses and hard cheeses with hard cheeses; if you
don’t, the cheese will melt at different rates and you’ll end up with an uneven sandwich.
Keep the Temperature In Check: A great grilled cheese requires a little patience. Cook your sandwich on
medium instead of high heat. Turning the heat up won’t cook your grilled cheese faster but just burn the bread.
Up the Ante with Ingredients That Pack a Punch: Don’t be afraid to add in your favorite protein, veggie
or condiment.


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