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GLENVIEW, Ill. — A business in Glenview is teaching people of all ages improv.

It’s a funny thing, but improv is more than just an entertaining art form.

“Just some examples of creativity, communication, confidence, cooperation, all of those skills are going to serve my students in whatever they do,” Kim Greene Hiller, the owner and founder of The Laughing Academy said.

Greene Hiller offers improv training at The Laughing Academy. It combines her two passions: Acting and teaching.

“I have a masters in education,” she said. “I used to be an actress at the Second City. As I often joke, I was hired at the same time as Tina Fey and Amy Poller and I’ll host you on a stage my husband built.”

The academy isn’t just for kids. Adults and retirees can come in for classes too.

“I had done improv in college and then dropped out of it and Miles and done improv since like second grade,” Jonathan Chernaik said. “Maybe even like kindergarten.”

Jonathan and his son Miles both take classes here now. Chernaik said he’s seen as his son thriving in training and gaining confidence and making friends.

“I think I’ve gotten a little bit more outgoing,” Miles said.

This is exactly what Greene Hiller was hoping for when she opened 12 years ago.

“We say comedy is just a byproduct. It’s not our end goal. Our end goal is more fulfilled citizens,” she said.

It’s not just a training facility. The Laughing Academy also showcases Chicago comedians during standup, storytelling and improv shows to the community.