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JOLIET, Ill. — Geriann Wiesbrook is first and foremost a mom, but now through her organization Military Mama Network she helps thousands of military members and their families around the world by sending gifts and cards, and even paying utility bills, to keep their lives going.

“It literally went from five people to, we’re at 18,000 in our main group right now, and we’ve sent boxes to 43 countries. It’s insane,” Wiesbrook said.

After all, there’s no standing in the way of a mom and her love for her son, especially when they’re thousands of miles away serving his country. But some aren’t so lucky.

“He would say, ‘mom, Justin doesn’t have anyone sending him anything. Can you send him stuff?’ I’d say, ‘I’m gonna send him a card too because they don’t see anything personal, like they literally never see their name written… and it just kept growing from there.”

The Military Mama Network not only helps those serving in the military, but also their loved ones back home. Lending a hand or money when needed, or just making a simple phone call to let them know they’re cared for.

“We just want them to know that we love those who serve, but we support those at home too because i think that they’re forgotten service members and they love so much and they’re worried all the time. and they’re separated for christmas, and they’re separated for birthdays and they miss anniversaries. they miss their babies birth, you know.”

This time of year they give Christmas, but Wiesbrook says the need is all year-round. They’re partnering with Facebook now to raise money for those needs – and say any little bit helps.