Sunday Brunch: Pack the perfect picnic

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Kat Frerichs joins Sunday Brunch to shown how to pack the perfect picnic.


Have a dish that needs to be kept warm? I enjoy making a frittata dish for picnics and then instead of transporting food into a different container, I keep it in the cooking vessel for a laid-back feel. I like to take a flour sack towel or clean dish rag and tie it around to secure. 

Product for display: Le Cruset or cooking dish with dish towel over the handles. 

Deviled Eggs are an easy recipe to make and take to a picnic. You don’t need a special container to serve them. Place each egg in a cupcake liner for easy travel. 

Product for display: 6-12 devil eggs in cupcake holders in a plastic carrier

Salad in a jar! These are the perfect way to serve individual salads at a picnic while keeping the ingredients fresh. She will make one.

Salad in a Jar Tips and Tricks

Put the salad dressing in first and add your protein and ‘fixins’ and then your greens.  No matter the recipe, placing your ingredients in the jar in this order is best. Keep the moisture of the dressing away from your lettuce and greens for best results.

I like to use mason jars for these salads – they are easy to find and hold a good amount of ingredients. 

Product for display: 2-3 mason jars with salads 

Skewers are super easy to make and transport; you can get creative with the types of skewers you want to do; my favorite are BBQ chicken and caprese (have for display)

You can also keep a picnic kit at the ready. Stash paper plates, picnic-ready flatware, sunblock and a few games in a container. When it is not in use slip it in a bigger cooler to save space and time for preparing your next picnic! 

Products: cooler, paper places, flatware and on table sunscreen and a game or two to place in the cooler during the segment. 


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