Sunday Brunch: Eggs in purgatory

WGN Weekend Morning News

WGN employee Joe Campanella stopped by Sunday Brunch to share his recipe for Eggs in Purgatory.

Makes Two Portions


1 quarter yellow onion

2-3 cloves of garlic

1/2 can of whole peeled plum tomatoes in puree

4 large eggs


red pepper flakes

black pepper

extra virgin olive oil

crusty bread


1. Warm the olive oil in an 8-10 inch frying pan.

2. Dice your onion however you wish and add to the oil. Fry until wilted.

3. Add red pepper flakes and cracked black pepper to oil and onions.

4. Chop garlic however you wish and add to the oil and onions. Fry until golden.

5. Crush the tomatoes with your hands in a bowl and add to the pan. If too dry, add a little water to keep it somewhat runny. Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer, adding a little water if/when it becomes too dry.

6. Crack eggs into a small bowl.

7. After the sauce is allowed to cook for 10-15 minutes add salt to taste and drop eggs into the tomato sauce. Try your best to keep them separated from each other.

8. Season the tops of eggs with a dash more salt and pepper, lower the heat down and cover with a lid. Cook to desired doneness (2-3 minutes for runny eggs, longer for hard cooked).

9. Hand tear the basil and sprinkle on top of the eggs and tomatoes. Scoop out two eggs per portion, each with a large spoonful of the spicy tomato sauce. Serve with crusty bread or toast.


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