Sunday Brunch: Brisket Skillet Hash

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CHICAGO — Amanda Downing, the head chef at Smoke Daddy shared their recipe for Brisket Skillet Hash.
Smoke Daddy
Two locations:
Wicker Park: 1804 West Division St.
Wrigleyville: 3636 North Clark St.
Brunch: Every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Brisket Skillet Hash
Yield: 1 serving

Roasted Green Bell Peppers, diced ½” x ½” 1/2 Cups
Roasted Red Bell Peppers, diced ½” x ½” 1/2 Cups
Roasted Onions, Yellow, diced ½” x ½” 1/3 Cups
Roasted Red Potatoes 1 1/2 Cups
Smoke Daddy Smoked Beef Brisket, diced ½” x ½” 3/4 Pounds
Poached Egg 2 Eggs
Ketchup, Heinz 1/2 Cups
Smoke Daddy Original BBQ Sauce 2 TBSP
Café Grind Black Pepper 1/4 TSP
Kosher Salt 1/4 TSP

Knife, Cutting Board, Large Sauté Pan, 2 x Large Stainless Steel Bowls, Whisk.
1. In a large sauté pan combine first five ingredients over medium to high heat.
2. In a separate bowl combine ketchup, bbq sauce, salt and pepper
3. Once veggie / meat mixture has reached temperature of 165 degrees, add in sauce and stir to
4. Top with eggs of choice


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