Sunday Brunch: Beer and candy pairings

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Stephen Freshnock, general manager of The Beer Temple in Avondale joins WGN Weekend Morning News to share his preferred beer and candy pairings for Halloween.

The Beer Temple is located at 3173 N. Elston Avenue.


Candy corn with The Hopewell Brewing Erde German-style Pilsner

  • This is a textural pairing as candy corn doesn’t really have strong flavor other than being overly sweet. The bitterness and carbonation will “scrub” your mouth of the sweetness.

Kit-Kat with Off Color Brewing Very Very Far Belgian-style Ale with White Wine Yeast

  • This pairing oddly enough brings out the wafer and tempers the chocolate, transforming the cans into a malted milk ball. Yeast-driven beers tend to work well with “bready” flavors, in the most adventurous of pairings.

Albanese Gummi Bears with Hop Butcher for the World Emits Showers of Sparks Double India Pale Ale

  • This New England-style IPA has low bitterness, sweet malt and a bouquet of modern hop varietals that mirror the many flavors you will get from the Gummi Bears. Berry, orange, mango, tropical, even coconut from the Sabro Hops.

Reese Peanut Butter cups/sticks with Maplewood Brunch Punch Cherry Berry Fruited Sour Ale

  • This pairing is multi-faceted. This beer is acidic but also very fruit forward, brewed with sweet and tart cherries along with raspberries. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich or chocolate with fruit sauce come to mind. The acidity is tempered by the sweetness, at the same time the sweetness brings out the fruit.

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