Sunday Brunch: Adriatic Grill Mix

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Chef Vito Barbanente, owner of Pescatore Restaurant in Franklin Park, stopped by Sunday Brunch to share his recipe for Adriatic grill mix.

Adriatic Grill Mix for 1 or 2 to share

4 oz Calamari

4 oz Baby Octopus

4 oz Cuttle Fish

2 oz Branzino fish

2 oz Large Shrimp

(all fish marinated in olive oil for 10 minutes prior- total 16 oz seafood)

2 Green Zucchini sliced

2 Yellow Zucchini sliced

2 Baby Eggplant sliced

2 Red Roasted Peppers sliced

1 Clove fresh garlic

1 oz Extra Virgin Olive oil

½ oz White Balsamic Vinegar

Salt/pepper/oregano/parsley to taste

Time- Preparation start to finish 20 minutes

All fish and vegetables are grilled

Marinate all fish in olive oil for 10 minutes prior. 

Take all marinated fish and place on grill. 

Grill fish for 2 minutes both sides. 

Place all sliced veggies on grill for 2 minutes each side. 

Remove grilled veggies and place on serving dish. 

Sauté grilled fish in separate pan with chopped fresh garlic, EVOO, and touch of White Balsamic Vinegar.   

Place oven safe pan with sauteed grilled fish in oven for 3 mins at 400 degrees. 

Take out of oven and serve grilled/sauté fish on bed of grilled veggies. Top with leaf of fresh mint. 


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